Some types of flowers that are easy to draw include petal flowers, carnations, gerbera, puffs and sunflowers. Tutorials are available on, Craftsy and More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Adult butterflies are drawn to yellow, orange, red, purple and pink blossoms with clustered or flat tops that have short flower tubes, such as garden phlox, butterfly weed, blanket flower and blazing star. Butterflies al... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

To make tulle flowers, trace a flower template onto a stack of tulle fabric, cut it out, arrange the pieces to stagger the petals and secure in the middle with decorative beads. Before working with tulle, it is a good id... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Paper Crafts

Ideas for creative border stencils for walls include flowers and vines; birds and butterflies; trees and branches; and polka dots and geometric shapes. Any stencil can be used to create a border around a room by changing... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Graffiti-style letters are relatively easy to draw. The basic foundation of graffiti-style letters is typography, and once this is understood, learning how to create letter outlines and different letter forms becomes fai... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Popular types of illustrations include charcoal drawings, woodcuts, metal etchings, metal stamps, pen-and-ink drawings, pencil sketches, freehand digital illustrations and vector graphics. Each has a distinct appearance ... More »

Some types of coloring markers include glitter, metallic, scented and washable. Crayola and Mr. Sketch are two manufacturers of such markers. Both companies produce markers with broad and fine tips. Each set varies in th... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing