To draw a perfect pentagon, a compass should be used and five equal lines should be drawn inside of a circle. A pentagon is a five-sided polygon with its internal angles totaling 540 degrees. More » Math Geometry Shapes

Draw the design of 12 pentagrams from cardstock, cut the design out, fold along all the lines, then glue or tape the edges together where they meet. More »

Calculating the surface area of a pentagonal prism, especially one with irregular pentagons, can be a tricky, multi-step process. It requires a method of measuring edge lengths and angles and a calculator to add together... More »

Usually when a person refers to a "three-dimensional pentagon," he is referring to a regular dodecahedron. A dodecahedron is a solid made of 12 flat faces, and a regular dodecahedron is made of 12 regular pentagons. More »

A pentagon has five diagonals on the inside of the shape. The diagonals of any polygon can be calculated using the formula n*(n-3)/2, where "n" is the number of sides. In the case of a pentagon, which "n" will be 5, the ... More »

One term used for a 3D pentagon is a shape called a pentagonal prism. According to, this is the polygon that results when you take a pentagon, transcribe a copy of it, and connect the two pentagons using fi... More »

To calculate the area of a regular pentagon, the perimeter of the polygon is multiplied by the apothem and the result is divided in half. The mathematical formula for the calculation is area = (apothem x perimeter)/2. More »