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To draw a basic flower, start with the center, add petals radiating out, sketch the stem and leaves, and color if desired. Drawing a flower takes roughly five minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser. Colored pencils are optional.


Choose a real-life flower or a photo of a flower you would like to use for the tattoo. To begin the drawing, you need basic art equipment and Internet access. Learn to draw a basic version of that flower by searching online for instructions or quick drawing lessons.


Some types of flowers that are easy to draw include petal flowers, carnations, gerbera, puffs and sunflowers. Tutorials are available on DrawingStep.com, Craftsy and My-How-To-Draw.com.


The hibiscus is a tropical flower with five leaves and a long pistil, whose basic shape can be outlined to start with five larger circles drawn around a smaller one. Drawing the remaining details of the hibiscus flower takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and requires ...


The magnolia flower is a white, fragrant flower with a large, open floret. The following instructions are for a side-view of a magnolia facing up. Start with gentle pressure, and sketch over lines to create the drawing.


To draw a car in semi-profile, start with the two closest wheels, sketch the body and the cabin, add doors and windows, sketch bumpers and headlights, and add details. Drawing a car takes roughly 20 minutes and requires a pencil, eraser and paper.


To draw a dog, start with a reference photo. Draw a rough outline of the dog on a piece of paper, then add details. Finally, add shading and texture to the photo to create the appearance of shadows and fur.