A toilet uses a siphon to drain the water from the bowl down into the sewer system, according to HowStuffWorks. When several gallons of water are rapidly added to the toilet, it creates a pressure differential that cause... More »

There are several quick alternatives to unclogging a toilet bowl drain without using a plunger, which include using a wire clothes hanger, pouring hot water solutions into the bowl and using a vacuum cleaner. A cheap plu... More »

Toilet bowl stains can be removed by using any store bought toilet bowl cleaner or bleach, a pumice stone, some sandpaper and rubber gloves. To clean the stains, apply the toilet bowl cleaner or bleach and scrub with the... More »

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A sewer smell coming from a toilet is an indicator something is wrong in the basic plumbing system, and more particularly, the drain system, according to HowStuffWorks. If the toilet is one that no one uses regularly, th... More »

Water and waste from the toilet go to either a local septic system or into the sewer system once they are flushed. Local septic systems break down solid waste and usually drain to the soil in a yard, while the sewer syst... More »

The main signs that a sewer drain is clogged are water backing up in a drain or toilet and gurgling noises from the drains. Low-lying floor drains in basements are often the first sites of water return, so keeping an eye... More »

After you flush a toilet, the water goes down the sewer pipes to the sewage treatment plant. In places where the home is far away from the sewer system, the waste water goes into large septic tanks. These tanks are clean... More »