It is possible to download funny YouTube videos by using third party websites or browser extensions. Most of these sites are legal and free to use but may sacrifice some audio or video quality during the download. More » Art & Literature

You can download karaoke videos from YouTube by using an online video downloading tool such as those found on,, or, as of 2015. Enter the URL of the vide... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To legally download a song from YouTube and burn it to a CD, either the song must be in the public domain or the artist must have granted permission for the song to be duplicated. In order to burn a CD, you need to conve... More »

By creating a playlist of videos on YouTube, users can watch uninterrupted streams of funny, educational or musical videos. Playlists automatically play the next video in the list once the current video is finished. Any ... More » Art & Literature

A YouTube account is only necessary to watch adult-rated content on YouTube; all other videos can be viewed without an account. However, users who register for YouTube accounts have access to many features that non-regis... More » Art & Literature

Not all videos on YouTube are free. User-generated content is generally free to watch, but there is a fee to watch some videos on the website; many movies and television shows can be streamed on the site for a price. More » Art & Literature

Anyone with a YouTube or Google account can upload videos onto YouTube, as of 2015. When uploading videos, users need to follow certain community guidelines such as no uploading of pornography, violent or graphic content... More » Art & Literature