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Getting good grades in college will be more challenging than in high school. Prepare for your college coursework by checking out our 15 secrets to getting good grades in college. See the list here.


We’re the co-founders of How To Study In College and the Shovel Study Planner. I’m a retired businessman and a few years ago I set out on a mission to help students do better in school. I’m a dad of 3 college graduates but I’ve seen far too many of their friends drop out, dumb down their majors, or move back into their parents ...


Curious about how to do well in college? Being successful in college can mean many things. For example, does it translate to getting good grades for a high GPA or taking the right classes to develop your skills, building your network, and accepting the best internships all to have a successful career start in the […]


How to Do Well in an Online College Course. Online courses are popular ways for students to earn college credit while balancing working and other time commitments. Since you are working through the course on your own time, it is important...


This video goes out to all of the recent high school graduates as well as those currently in college or university. If you do these ten things, you'll position for an amazing academic career as ...


How to Do Well in College Algebra. College algebra is usually a pre-requisite for higher level math courses and science degrees. Although it can be a little bit tricky, mastering these concepts is necessary to moving forward in math. There...


How to Do Well in College. Balancing school, work, and a social life can be a struggle for some college students. The demands of school, your boss, and your family and friends can leave very little time for anything else.


Top 10 Tips for Passing College Classes. There is no one particular strategy to do well in a college-level course. In fact, there are hundreds of tips out there for students worried about how they’re going to transition from high school to college.


Take smart notes. Find a note-taking system that works well for you, and focus on learning rather than simply recording the information. Find out when you can register for classes and do right at that moment. You’ll thank yourself later when your friends are having to do an extra semester because they couldn’t get into a required class.


"How to Do Really Well in College" was written by Dr. Norm Weiner, with help from Dr. Ivan Brady, Dr. Irwin Flack, and Dr. Celia Sgroi. Dr. Weiner is Distinguished Service Professor and Director Emeritus of the College Honors Program at SUNY Oswego, where he has taught since 1971. He is also the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor's Award for ...