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Tip Calculator. This page will show you how to figure a tip you should leave at a restaurant. Type the tip amount (in percent) you would like to leave % Type the cost of your meal (before the tip) $ Quick!


To tip your server at a restaurant in the US, multiply your total bill by at least 15 percent. To do this easily, move the decimal one place to the left to get 10 percent, and add half of that number to bring it up to 15 percent.


How much should I tip my hair stylist/barber? Do you need to tip your hair guru or your barber? Yes, you should—you’re trusting these people with your hair, after all! A tip anywhere in the ballpark of 15% to 20% is standard, depending on their profession and the service you received. How much should I tip my manicurist?


In the United States, the average tip at a restaurant is generally considered to be between 15 to 20 percent of the bill. However, a 2016 Zagat survey found that the average tip in American restaurants was 18.9 percent. (This was the latest information available as of January 2018.)


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You'll tip: 15%-19% . Round up the tax to the nearest dollar. If your bill is $53.75 and the tax on the whole meal is $4.77, round up to $5. Double the tax to get $10, which is about a 19% tip.


How do you figure the tip without a calculator? So, you're at your favorite restaurant without an Internet connection and you left your trusty calculator in your other pocket protector? All is not lost, there is a somewhat easy way to calculate the tip. 15% = 10% + 5%. So what you need to do is figure out 10% then add half (5%).


How to Tip. Tipping etiquette can seem intricate and intimidating. You should always leave a tip based on the customary gratuity offered for the type of service performed and the quality of that service. Tip waiters 15% for adequate...


If you ask 10 people how much to tip in a given situation, you'll get several answers and a slew of hot-headed opinions about the "right" thing to do. To help start your next debate, here's a ...


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