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A factor tree is a diagram that shows the breakdown of a number into its prime factors. This diagram holds a pattern similar to a family tree, with a line between each factor and its factors.


Numbers that multiply to give you a larger number are called factors. Use a factor tree for an easy way to factor larger numbers.


In order to water a tree, you must obtain a proper amount of water, depending on the tree size, and pour it onto the base of the tree, making sure the roots absorb the water. The soil around the tree should be moist but not soggy.


To move a tree, prune the roots, dig a hole in the new location, dig up the tree, move the tree and fill in the hole. Add mulch around the base of the tree, stake the tree in place and water the tree regularly.


To remove a tree, calculate the felling direction, clear a cutting area, cut a notch at the base of the trunk and insert a felling wedge on the side opposite the notch. Use a chainsaw to cut around the trunk between the notch and the wedge and drive the wedge into the t...


Trees grow as a result of the formation and division of cells in meristems and by conducting photosynthesis and absorbing nutrients and water through their root systems. Cells in the cambium layer divide and grow to form bark cells, contributing to the tree's outward an...


Factoring companies buy accounts receivable or invoices from businesses that want to receive cash more quickly instead of waiting for payments for days. Factoring is also referred to as accounts receivable financing.