A factor tree is a diagram that shows the breakdown of a number into its prime factors. This diagram holds a pattern similar to a family tree, with a line between each factor and its factors. More »

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Numbers that multiply to give you a larger number are called factors. Use a factor tree for an easy way to factor larger numbers. More »

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Factors that affect the cost of hiring a contractor cut down a dead tree include the species of the tree, its height, overall condition, diameter and where it is located. Smaller trees that are less than 30 feet high gen... More »

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A context diagram is a data flow diagram that only shows the top level, otherwise known as Level 0. At this level, there is only one visible process node that represents the functions of a complete system in regards to h... More »

A factor string is a whole number written as a multiplication problem with two or more factors other than one, according to the Southampton Public Schools. For example, 3 x 3 x 3 is a factor string for the 27. More »

To find the greatest common factor of two or more integers, the common prime factors of each number are multiplied together. The result is the greatest common factor of those two or more integers. If there are no common ... More »

The number two is the only whole number factor of 64 because factors must be prime numbers, and all of the divisors of 64 except for the number one are divisible by two. The number 64 has four one-digit divisors, includi... More »