To learn calligraphy, start out by purchasing the necessary materials, including nibs, holders, brushes, tracing paper, paper in varying weights and black ink. These materials are available in craft or hobby shops and on... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

There are multiple styles of alphabets classified as calligraphy, so you should start with the most basic style to get a solid skill foundation. Then, work your way up to whichever style is your favorite, or be creative ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

The earliest examples of calligraphy come from China, where the art form was practiced as far back as 2,000 B.C. Early examples of Chinese calligraphy display a great deal of variation in character shape due to the lack ... More »

Learn Old English calligraphy, also sometimes referred to as English black letter, by studying old manuscripts or online tutorials, such as the one provided by This alphabet features sharp corners... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

As the expression of human creativity, art can take almost countless forms, including painting, sculpture, music, literature, dance, photography, animation, calligraphy, drawing, tapestry, needlepoint, stained glass, dig... More »

Gicleeprinting is a form ofinkjet printing, andthe chemicals used depend on the color of the ink. For example, a soluble red ink may be composed of red dye eosin, and a blue would contain triphenylmethane. The exact comp... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

To scrimshaw, you need a scribe, a bright light, something for magnification, ink or paint, rags, wax, a computer or copier and scotch tape. If sanding anything down, you'll also need eye protection and a dust mask. More » Art & Literature Fine Art