A "what if" analysis occurs when a Microsoft Excel user changes the values of cells to see alterations of formulaic outcomes elsewhere on the worksheet. As of November 2014, three different types of "what if" analysis to... More »

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Dimensional analysis is a method that uses conversion factors to move from one unit of measurement to another. This is because multiplying any number by 1 doesn't change its value. An example is calculating the amount of... More »

A reflective analysis is a type of essay in which the writer discusses an experience in detail and explains how he or she has progressed throughout that experience; relevance of the experience to any future goals is also... More »

While Microsoft Excel does not have a built-in function to find percentage increase between values, a user simply needs to enter the formula "=(B-A)/ABS(A)," where B is the baseline value, and A is the new value. The fun... More »

Find accounting worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel on Double-Entry-Bookkeeping.com and Vertex42.com as of 2015. Both websites allow visitors to download templates such as journals and budgets for free. More »

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Completing statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel requires multiple steps, including getting the data into the program, activating the statistical analysis functions and determining the confidence interval. Excel includ... More »

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Add values in Microsoft Excel using the SUM function =SUM ( Number1, Number2, ... Number255 ), which adds up columns or rows of numbers. "Number" represents the values in cells to be summed. More »