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To determine wood screw size, measure the thickness and width of the wood that the screw is entering and root diameter of the screw. Ensure that the size of the screw is such that there is enough wood material beyond and around the length and diameter of the screw.


Rotating a screw advances a spiraled incline into a surface. The head of a screw functions as a lever, while its threading is just a long incline that has been wrapped around a vertical shaft.


Screw size charts are available at the websites of W. L. Fuller, Inc., Engineers Edge and Jamestown Distributors. All of these websites also offer additional information about choosing the right screws for a particular project.


Some of the nominal screw sizes of self-tapping screws are 00, 0, 2, 4 and 6. A screw of size 00 with a round head has six thread starts and a maximum head diameter of 0.099 inches. Size 6 flat head screws have a maximum head diameter of 0.279 inches.


Find a chart of machine screw sizes on the Bolt Depot website. Click Fastener Info on the upper right side of the page, then scroll down and click Machine Screws under the Type-Specific Information heading. The site offers machine diameter and thread charts in U.S. and metric units.


Diameter, pitch and length in millimeters define the size of a metric screw. Metric screws have pitches of coarse, fine or extra fine. Carriage and stove screws are coarse threaded. Machine screws are either coarse threaded or fine threaded.


To determine ring size, cut a length of string long enough to fit around your finger, wrap it around to make a ring, slip it off your finger and compare it to a sizing chart. Make sure the string ring is comfortable and comes on and off easily.


The size of the screws needed to attach a license plate varies with the make of the vehicle. A 1/4 x 3/4 screw is most commonly used and is the size of license plate screws marked "universal."


To determine your dress size, you must measure your bust, your natural waist and your hips. You should also keep in mind that not all dresses are made the same. A prom dress might require a different size than a sun dress.


To determine the tire size needed, use the group of numbers and letters on the sidewall of the tire that reflect the tire type, tire width, construction, rim diameter, load index and speed rating. Additionally, look for the maximum load also given on the tire's sidewall.