BF3(bromine trifluoride) is an inorganic tetra-atomic chemical compound that does not have a dipole moment (dipole moment is zero). This is because of the spatial arrangement of the B-F bonds in the molecule and the over... More »

SO2 has a dipole moment measured at 1.62 debye. This moment occurs due to the uneven distribution of positive and negative charges between the sulfur atom and the two oxygen atoms in the digonal-shaped sulfur dioxide mol... More »

The absorbency of a material to different light wavelengths determines its color. Absorbed colors are absent from the transmitted and reflected spectra. The more a certain wavelength is absorbed, the less of it appears i... More »

BF3 or boron trifluoride has a trigonal planar molecular geometry. BF3 has a central boron atom and three surrounding fluorine ligands. The three flourine atoms are positioned at the corners of a triangle, all in one thr... More »

BrF3 is the chemical formula for bromine trifluoride. Bromine trifluoride is a hazardous liquid chemical compound that is created when a single bromine atom bonds with three atoms of fluorine. More » Science Chemistry Solutions & Mixtures

A halogenated compound is a combination of one or more chemical elements that includes a halogen; halogens are a group of elements that include fluorine, astatine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. Halogens comprise the seve... More »

A haloform reaction is a chemical reaction during which a methyl ketone is halogenated by chlorine, bromine or iodine in the presence of a base to form a haloform. A haloform is an alkyl halide. More » Science Chemistry