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Create or select a design or image for the fabric. Upload that image to a photo editing program, and then manipulate it to create a clean design. Upload the final design to a fabric printing website, such as Spoonflower and Woven Monkey. Order and pay for fabric printing costs.


There are five different methods for embroidery transfer to fabric, and each method is dependent on what pattern is being embroidered. Some of the methods are for repeat patterns and some are for singular use patterns.


Moda's quilting fabric designs include geometric, floral, abstract and seasonal designs, as well as whimsical designs such as those found in the Airmail and Funky Monkey collections. Airmail designs include Sky Love Above and P.O. Box Happy Mail, each featuring red, sky blue or white backgrounds wit


To determine how much fabric is needed to make a set of curtains, measure the vertical distance from the curtain rod to the floor, then add 18 inches to calculate the length of fabric needed for each panel. Measure the width of the curtain rod and divide by the width of the fabric to determine the n


To make homemade fabric stiffener, mix together equal parts of white glue and water, or mix flour or cornstarch with cold and boiling water. When mixing the flour or cornstarch mixture, mix it with the cold water first, and then stir it into the boiling water.


In order to design a dress, it is imperative to choose the style early in the process. A dress can be long or short, have a halter-top or a sweetheart neckline, or have a sash or embellishments. After that is decided, a fabric must be chosen and a pattern followed.


Shoppers design their own clothes at Apliiq.com, Spreadshirt.com or CustomInk.com. Each website allows visitors to customize hats, t-shirts, tank tops, pants and dresses with custom artwork.


Users can design their own skins for laptops, gaming consoles, phones and more by using websites such as SkinIt.com and Schtickers.com. These websites allow users to upload their own images to create custom skins for multiple devices and have the company mail them directly to their houses.


Successful fabric designers work with fashion brands, bra designers and manufacturers, renowned furniture stores and popular clothing boutiques. The key to a profitable fabric design business is to keep up with the latest industry trends and continuously improve your skills. Networking is paramount.


Customize garments with your personal elegance or silliness. They're easy to assemble, super cheap, and great as gifts. It's a little different than working with hard surfaces. This craft has been around for thousands of years. Keep your tootsies toasty all year long. Tackle this DIY with a few tool