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If you have hardwood floors, expensive tile or furniture you don’t want scratched, you may be wondering whether you can declaw a dog. We all know about controversial procedures that exist for cats, but can dogs be declawed as well? First of all, why would you want to declaw your dog in the first place? …


The declawing procedure isn't designed to accommodate a dog's physical attributes. In fact, the procedure would do more harm than good and handicap their ability to run and walk. To remove the claws of a cat, surgeons must remove the source of the claws. Unfortunately, the source of the claws is the knuckle itself.


Dogs can be declawed, but it is generally considered to be an inhumane and unnecessary practice, and there are few vets who will perform such a surgery. Dogs need their claws just like people need their fingernails and toenails, to scratch their bodies and to give them grip and balance when walking.


Although many breed groups traditionally remove a puppy's dewclaws when he's just a few days old, the procedure has become as controversial as declawing cats or docking canine ears and tails. Talk to your vet about whether she thinks it's worthwhile to remove your dog's dewclaws.


If a puppy has torn or otherwise injured the dewclaws before that time, it’s certainly worth discussing their permanent removal to prevent reinjury. Why Remove the Dewclaws? As with many other elective procedures in pets (such as ear crops and cat declawing), the thinking on dewclaws has been trending strongly toward just letting them be. It ...


A dog’s nails can cause painful scratches, scuff wooden floors and dig holes in the backyard. By declawing your dog, you will remove the threat of hurting babies, small children or the elderly.


Dog declawing is almost universally avoided outside of a few truly unusual cases, and it really doesn’t deserve serious consideration unless your vet recommends it. Below, we’ll discuss the basics of the procedure, explore the reasons it isn’t appropriate for dogs, and discuss some ways that you can avoid or mitigate problems with claws ...


Surprisingly the problems have been with our dog who had no dewclaws. They were removed as a puppy and we didn’t have a single issue until he was about 6. The nubs that were left after the puppy removal were always these soft pads. One day the nub on his left paw just fell off. No bleeding, no issues..it just disappeared. No problem.


The Paw Project illustrates declaw surgery and its consequences. Text PAW to 50555 to give $10 to The Paw Project #PawProject, #ThePawProject Please comment, but those containing profanity ...