To properly cuff men's dress pants, turn up the hem and sew it into place. Make sure the fabric is neatly folded and lies flat. More »

Boot cuffs are socks without the lower foot portion. They are worn at the ankle, mid-calf or above the knee, depending on boot height. Boot cuffs close the gap between pants, leggings or bare legs and the top of boots, a... More »

Mountain Hardwear, Columbia, Patagonia and The North Face are all popular brands that produce high quality ski pants and outerwear for winter sports as of 2015, states Other options include Outdoor Research, S... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Hem dress pants by removing the old hem, folding the edge of the fabric under 1/2 inch and ironing the fold in place. Then try the pants on, and mark the proper length by pinning the hem in place. Iron the new hem, and s... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing

A police officer's uniform depends on the unit and assignment, but a traditional uniform typically includes a blue or black dress shirt, dress pants, a tie, a peaked hat and black dress shoes, while a tactical uniform is... More »

To make a pillowcase dress, cut the top off of a pretty pillowcase, cut armholes in the sides, hem the raw edges and create an adjustable drawstring neckline. The required supplies are a pillowcase, a measuring tape, str... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Typically, women wear spring dresses or suits in pastels and bright colors, with matching headwear and accessories, while men wear brightly colored blazers with dress pants for the Kentucky Derby. Outfits can vary depend... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing