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How to Make Lip Gloss. When you make your own lip gloss, you can customize it to give it your favorite scent, flavor, and color. Lip gloss is easy to make on your own, and for very little money you can make enough to stock up yourself and...


How to Make Lip Balm. Do you use lip balm a lot? If so, making your own is a great way to save money. Best of all, you can choose exactly what goes inside to create a special blend that's perfect for you. If you can't decide, then you can...


Lip Balm Crafting Kit - Easy Lip Balm Filling Tray and Spatula - 50 Empty Lip Balm Tubes with Caps (transparent) - 3/16 Oz (5.5 ml) - 50 Writeable and 50 Printed Stickers - Make Natural Lip Balm - DIY


hi all :) I hope you enjoy this video on how I make lip glosses! It was super fun to make and relatively inexpensive for how many lip glosses you can make! If you enjoyed this video, check out my ...


Lips tend to get dry due to exposure to the sun and pollution. This makes the application of the lip gloss uneven. To get rid of the dead skin, you can use a lip scrub or just as you learnt how to make a lip gloss, you can make your own lip scrub with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar.


The good news is homemade lip balm is quite wallet-friendly. When I added up the amount of each ingredient I used to make this lip balm recipe, it worked out to as little as 60 cents a tube (depending on whether you use essential oils or powder for tinting). If you buy your ingredients in bulk, it can be even less! My Tips for How to Make Lip Balm


Balms are one of my home skin care essentials, so today I’ll show you how to make DIY lip balm at home that’s absolutely gorgeous and you can put it to work on nearly every area of your body!. As well as being luxuriously scented, this natural DIY balm is designed to re-hydrate and tackle those unsightly patches of dry, flaky skin that we all have but won’t admit to.


There are so many kinds of lip balm out there, but it can be hard to find just the right one. What’s the solution? Make your own, of course! It’s surprisingly simple to whip up a batch of lip balm or tinted gloss that’s perfectly customized to your…taste. All you need is a base of beeswax or ...


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Make Lip Gloss: Keep your kisser soft by making your own lip gloss!You'll have a blast customizing and remixing the variations on this recipe to find your perfect match. More color, more flavor, more gloss? Go for it! Here are some great suggestions to get you st...