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If you're wondering how an app caused my bad haircut, it'll all make more sense in a second. The app, called ModiFace, allowed me to try on different makeup and hair looks virtually.


If your bangs now look like baby hairs, throw on a headband to cover them up! Experiment with Hair Tools Whether your hair was cut too short or just completely not how you wanted it, you have a ...


One of the bright sides of a new hair cut, now matter how bad, is that it gives you a brand new canvas. Throw in some braids, rock a bun, or even try an up 'do you've never mastered before.


Speak up to your stylist during the haircut. The best way to help a bad haircut is to let your stylist know the moment they’re doing something you feel uncomfortable with.


Learn how to cover up your bad haircut with just a few easy tricks to have you feeling more confident in no time.


How to Cover Up a Bad Haircut We’ve all had a bad haircut at one time or another. It could have been a style you were excited about that just didn’t work for you, a bad hairdresser that cut off five inches instead of one or even a botched color.


Putting your hair up and back will hide many bad haircuts. The exceptions here are if you’ve got your bangs cut too short or you’ve got new layers. In that case, clip both back with a couple bobby pins.


How to deal with a bad haircut is a question even celebrities ask themselves from time to time! Now that right there is a great thing to remember in case you ever end up totally stressed over your bad cut!


To deal with a haircut that's too short, start by visiting another stylist to give it some shape if your hairdresser botched the cut. Next, avoid hiding your haircut behind scarves or hats as this will make it obvious you're trying to cover it up.