Make a natural hair dye from henna, sesame oil and curry leaves to color gray hair black to dark brown or red. You can also soak the hair in highly concentrated black coffee or tea, or in crushed walnut shells steeped in... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To dye your hair gray, choose a desired shade of gray and opt for an all-inclusive dye kit. Dampen hair and apply the mixture. Allow the color to set for the directed amount of time before rinsing it out and conditioning... More »

Clairol Natural Instincts and L'Oreal Excellence Creme are popular brands of hair dye to help cover up gray hair. Experts agree that any dye that comes with a deep conditioning treatment is best for covering up grays. More »

Contrary to the popular myth, nothing happens when you pull out a gray hair. Pulling out a gray hair does not make more gray hairs pop up in its place. More »

Teenagers get gray hair for the same reason as adults. Hair goes gray when color-producing cells stop producing pigment, according to Jeffery Benabio, MD, a dermatologist with Kaiser Permanente. Gray hair is considered p... More »

Plucking gray hair does not make more grow in its place. That is a common myth, simply because only one hair is capable of growing out of one hair follicle. At most, just one other gray hair may grow back. More »

Yellow-tinted shampoo and conditioner, chlorine, chemicals in water, and excess sunlight exposure can cause gray hair to turn yellow, according to Oprah. Gray hair has very little pigment and easily picks up the pigment ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair