Pears can be poached, braised, baked, stewed and caramelized in a variety of recipes. Some pear recipes include vanilla poached pears, roasted pears with blue cheese and pear soup. Vanilla poached pears are made with a c... More » Food Cooking Fruit

Fresh pears are frozen using a dry pack or syrup pack method. In either case, you have to wash, dry, core and slice the pears. Brush the slices with a lemon juice and water mixture to prevent browning. More » Food Food Storage Freezing Food

A good recipe for pear jelly involves cooking the pears in water, extracting the juice and boiling the juice along with pectin, lemon juice and sugar. Boil the juice until it thickens, and then transfer it to jelly jars.... More » Food Cooking Fruit

Both pear, ginger and cinnamon oat smoothie and pear sorbet recipes use frozen pears as ingredients. However, cooks can substitute fresh or canned pears for frozen ones in almost every recipe. Make sure to defrost the fr... More » Food Cooking Fruit

Good recipes for cooking pears include chef Giada De Laurentiiss' recipes for poached and roasted pears. BBC Good Food features another highly rated recipe for cooking pan-fried pears. More » Food Cooking Fruit

A good recipe for homemade pear jelly using six pounds of pears, sugar and pectin. You can also substitute 6 cups of pear juice for the pears, and cinnamon is an optional ingredient. More »

The Dole website has a variety of pineapple recipes. To find a particular recipe, it is necessary to use the search tool and input the word "pineapple," along with some other search terms, and recipes that contain those ... More » Food Cooking Fruit