To can dry beans, rinse and soak them, cook them for 30 minutes, and place the beans into sterilized canning jars to be processed in a pressure canner. Since beans are a low-acid food, they must be canned using a pressur... More » Food Food Storage

Mung beans are cooked by boiling. Unlike other dried beans, mung beans have a faster cooking time. Whole mung beans take only around 45 minutes to cook, while the cooking time for split mung beans is only around 20 to 30... More »

To make old-fashioned baked beans, wash and sort 1 pound of navy beans, removing any small stones. Place the beans in a large pot, and cover with water, up to 3 inches above the beans, and then cover the pot and soak the... More » Food Cooking Vegetables

The process for pressure canning involves setting up the pressure canner, filling the jars and fastening the lids, inserting the jars into the canner, fastening the lid, heating the water and allowing the jars to sit in ... More » Food Food Storage

The steps for canning green beans include preparing the green beans, filling the jars and processing them in a pressure canner. Green beans are not acidic enough to kill botulism spores, so they must be canned with a pre... More » Food Food Storage

To make pickled peppers, pack 2 3/4 pounds of whole hot peppers into jars, then heat 6 cups vinegar, 2 cups water and 3 crushed garlic cloves, and simmer for five minutes. Pour hot liquid over the peppers, and boil 10 mi... More » Food Food Storage

To preserve a pumpkin, slice it into strips, remove the rind, cube and boil the flesh, pack it into jars, and process the jars in a pressure canner. This five-hour process requires a knife, a pot, water, a stove, a ladle... More » Food Food Storage