Baking a ham requires the cook to select a recipe, such as the one for baked ham featured at This recipe is for a bone-in-ham and requires four ingredients to prepare. The ham is placed into a roasting pa... More »

Heating times for a fully cooked ham vary depending on whether the ham has a bone in it. In both cases, preheat your oven to 325 degrees. More »

It is best to cover a fully cooked ham with foil when baking it. Fully cooked hams can become dry when reheating, and covering them tightly with foil prevents excessive dryness. More »

An easy-to-follow German sauerbraten recipe is the Traditional Sauerbraten from Chris Simpler on A beef rump roast is marinated for at least two days, and then slow cooked for a tender and flavorful dish. More » Food Cooking Meat

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