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How to get rid of snakes in the yard. Think about your yard for a second. Do you have bushes or vegetation that's overgrown? How about dead leaves or grasses in your flower beds? Does your property have any standing water on it? Garter snakes are on your property for a reason. They prefer a certain set of conditions.


While garter snakes can act as a natural pest control, most people who discover snakes in their home find it to be a frightening experience. Most importantly, garter snakes give off a distinct, foul smell that can infiltrate your home and some experts say garters may be one of the smelliest snakes.


Garter Snake Facts: Garter snakes are the most common snake in North America. All garter snakes, regardless of base color, have a side and a back stripe. The name “garter snake” comes from the comparison of the serpent to the garters men wore years ago to hold up their stockings.


Garter Snake removal and control is the most common call a animal removal professiona receives in the spring of the year and we will continue to receive these calls throught the entire year. The garter snake is certainly the most common snake found in North America.


Snake Removal - Get Rid of Snakes I built this website as a resource for people who want to get rid of a snake problem. I am a snake control expert with 15 years of experience, and I am friends with hundreds of other snake removal experts.


The major problem that non-venomous snakes can cause is that they are liable to create nests inside a house, which can easily draw in more pests of different species and cause a huge problem if not taken care of quickly and completely. How To Get Rid Of Snakes – Snake Repellent And Snake Traps


Maybe you just have a local overpopulation of garter snakes, and they've made a home under your house. Or perhaps you don't like the smell—garter snakes, especially in large groups, kind of stink. Regardless of your reasons, this territorial conflict doesn't have to become a war! There are ways to get rid of garter snakes without killing them.


How to Get Rid of Snakes. Snakes are common in many parts of the world, and if you have a big yard that's home to a variety of plants and insects, chances are you encounter them from time to time. The presence of snakes indicates an...


Most of these are harmless, but some have a mild venom which cannot harm humans. Garter snakes will stay near water sources and are most often seen near marshes, gardens, and meadows. This species also has a sense of timing, being the first to emerge from brumation (a slowing of metabolism during winter) and the first to mate.