Customers can call 1-800-MONEYGRAM to reach an English-speaking representative and 1-800-955-7777 to reach a Spanish-speaking representative in the United States, according to MoneyGram International. As of March 2015, p... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

MoneyGram does have the ability to transfer funds through PayPal. Once the sender verifies the PayPal account is active, she needs to provide the recipient's name, contact information, identification and the last four di... More »

To find a MoneyGram transaction status, visit the MoneyGram website, click on Track a Transfer, fill in the required information and click Track Transfer. While factors such as operating hours and availability can affect... More »

To receive funds at MoneyGram, go to a MoneyGram location with your reference number and personal identification documents. You have to fill out a receiver form and hand it over to a MoneyGram agent, according to MoneyGr... More »

According to MoneyGram, customers can track a MoneyGram order by calling the MoneyGram automated phone line at 1-800-542-3590 and entering the exact amount of the money order and the money order number. With this informa... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To pick up a MoneyGram, bring the reference number and personal identification to a MoneyGram location. Once there, complete the receiver form and give it to the MoneyGram agent. MoneyGrams may also be sent to a home add... More »

To track a MoneyGram transfer, you need to log in to your account, find the My Account screen, locate the right reference number, and know the meaning of each status, indicates The Nest. MoneyGram is a secure and simple ... More »