To restore an iPad, connect the iPad to a computer using a USB cable, open iTunes, click Restore, then click Restore and Update. This method is suitable for troubleshooting an iPad that develops regular problems, or when... More » Technology Mobile

None of the Apple iPad devices have a USB port. Apple has its own proprietary connecting ports on the iPads. Fourth-generation iPads and newer have lightning ports, whereas older iPads have an Apple 30-pin dock connector... More »

Types of USB flash drives that are compatible with the Apple iPad include the iXpand and iStick. The iXpand is manufactured by SanDisk, while the iStick is part of Sanho Corporation's line of mobile accessories under the... More »

Update an iPad over the air via Wi-Fi or by connecting to a computer and using iTunes. You need an Internet connection and enough free space on the iPad to begin. More »

To put an iPhone into Device Firmware Update mode, begin by opening iTunes on your computer and plugging the iPhone in. Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons down at the same time for 10 seconds. Release only the Sleep/Wa... More » Technology Mobile

Common reasons for an iPad not to be charging include software issues, charging port damage or an unsupported charging cable. The use of an Apple approved USB-to-iPad charging cable helps to avoid this issue. Approved co... More » Technology Mobile

There are two methods for updating an iPad to the latest iOS version, wireless update and update through iTunes. For wireless update, an iPad can be updated through its Settings. Updating it using iTunes requires the dev... More »