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A roundtable is a facilitated discussion that gives each participant the maximum amount of group input on a given subject of common interest in a short amount of time. GOAL & OBJECTIVES: To facilitate a meaningful group discussion that is engaging and helpful


Having a clear theme or topic will fuel productive conversation at your roundtable, but facilitators should be well-versed enough for a deep discussion, especially important if your group takes a bit of time to warm up. I’ve moderated some roundtables where we’ve only had a few discussions points.


I get asked quite frequently to moderate roundtable discussions as part of my job and quite a few people have asked me exactly how one should go about the potentially tricky task of moderating. If…


The steps to facilitating an effective roundtable discussion with roundtable discussion questions Have you ever run a roundtable discussion? Throughout my years in publishing, I’ve taken part in countless roundtables. During some, I was the facilitator and other times I was a participant. Although there are many ways to direct them, my ideal approach to running roundtables focuses on the ...


Guidelines for Roundtable Presentations. Roundtable presentations are among the most flexible format offered at the conference, and may look quite different from session to session. The one thing that they have in common is that each allows for extended discussion among a small group.


How do you conduct a roundtable discussion? Answer. Wiki User June 04, 2014 11:39PM. A round table discussion brings together a panel of participants to talk about a certain subject. Have a ...


Ground rules: Establish a code of conduct to limit undesirable behaviour (such as rudeness, or a single person dominating the conversation). Roundtable discussion tip #7: Transcribe the conversation. Have a staff member on hand to transcribe the major points and results of your roundtable discussion.


Whenever you hear someone suggest a roundtable discussion, do you roll your eyes and say, “Here we go again?” I’m the same way. So, why is that? For me, it’s because roundtables usually end up having one person hog the spotlight and put us all to sleep by talking on-and-on. Then, because they’ve said most […]


Roundtable Discussions Meetings should last no longer than one hour (1 ½ hours at the absolute longest). ... it is a great idea to conduct a discussion as a staff meeting. You could be surprised at some of the information that comes from ... Guide to facilitating small group meetings and roundtables.doc