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The Role of the Chairperson. In a more formal meeting, the chairperson will outline the purpose of the meeting and remind members why they are there. In such a meeting there is little need to refer to this procedure as this is implicit in the established etiquette, namely: The chair controls the meeting. All remarks are addressed through the chair.


Chairpersons who keep good order run productive board meetings. A good chair should have enough familiarity with parliamentary procedure (or Robert’s Rules of Order) to guide board members through the process and know how to run a board meeting.. The role of the board chair is a specific role with duties and responsibilities that are different than other members.


Tips on How to Conduct a Meeting Chair’s Script Calling the Meeting to Order Chair: The Chair will call the meeting to order by saying: “Good (Afternoon/Evening)! It’s (state the time) and I’d like to call the (date) meeting of the (name of BCC) to order. Roll call, please.


Vice Chairperson who would step in to run meetings in the absence of the Chairperson. Secretary or Recorder to keep accurate account of what happens at the meeting. Treasurer or Financial Director who oversees the financial records for the board and often plays a key role in determining the feasibility of many ideas and decisions.


Call the meeting to order. When the meeting reaches its scheduled start time and all of the attendees (or at least all of the important ones) are present, get the attention of everyone in the room. Introduce yourself as the chair and state the purpose of the meeting. Establish the intended time frame for the meeting by informing everyone of the ...


How to Conduct Effective Meetings. Running an effective meeting is crucial to the function of any company or organization. It presents an opportunity to organize, share information, collaborate with diverse team members, and tackle...


The Chair (or Executive Officer) reads out any apologies for non-attendance (except in very large meetings, where this would take a lot of time). Personal items The Chair deals with any personal items such as the welcoming of new members, thanking of retiring members, or welcoming of visitors to the meeting.


It may be helpful for the chair to provide an orientation for new committee members. It will help them know what to expect at the committee meeting and get them up-to-speed, if needed. The committee chair should draw up an agenda for all committee meetings and make sure committee members have it and other materials well in advance of the meeting.


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