To clean your house fast, organize your home into sections, and quickly tackle each area one by one. A convenient way to divide your house is by separating the space into these four areas: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms an... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Clean your house by first dusting all of the rooms from top to bottom, and then making the beds. Clean mirrors and the insides of windows followed by all flat surfaces. Scrub where necessary in the kitchens and bathrooms... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

The best way to clean a cluttered house is to get four boxes and label them "Put Away," "Sell," "Donate," and "Storage." As you work your way through each room, pick up items and put them in the appropriate boxes making ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

In the typical home, the equivalent of the complete volume of air in the home passes through the ductwork several times per day. While there are companies offering services to clean these passages, it's possible to do it... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To clean a flooded home, make sure that the electricity is disconnected to the home, and use a pump to gradually remove flood water out of the basement. Remove all building materials, carpeting, appliances and personal b... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Although completely ridding your home of dust mites is not possible, their numbers can be controlled through careful cleaning and the control of temperature and humidity. These actions can greatly lower dust mite populat... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Professional mold removal contractors conduct mold tests by visually inspecting a home and then using a device to test the air. Depending on their findings, they sometimes send mold samples to a lab for further testing. More » Home & Garden Cleaning