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To clean a van, begin by washing and rinsing its exterior, including the roof, wheels and tires. Manually dry the van to avoid water spots, then vacuum the interior. Finish cleaning the van by using products to clean the seats, door upholstery, dashboard and windows.


Clean white Vans shoes by soaking them in a solution of bleach and water. Use oxygen beach, a bucket and enough water to fill the bucket.


You can sell a new or used van online through specialty automotive classifieds such as Autotrader and through general classifieds such as Craigslist. Auction sites such as eBay can also be used to sell vans to both local and long distance buyers.


Choosing the right used van for a buyer's specific purposes involves determining exactly what the van needs to do and how often it needs to do it. The buyer should think about whether the van is for personal or business use and if it needs any special or custom features.


To clean white clothes, sort them into a separate pile, pre-treat any stains, and wash them in a washing machine on the lowest setting specified on their care labels . To complete this task, you need a washing machine, laundry detergent and an oxygen-based bleach product.


To clean white gold, soak it in a solution of mild dish soap and warm water, and scrub off dirt with a paste of baking soda. Rinse the gold with clean water, and buff it with a microfiber towel.


Burgundy Vans are shoes manufactured by Vans in a rich, dark red hue. "Burgundy" refers to a color option that is available for specific styles of Vans, not a special product line or type of shoes from the company.


Conversion vans range in price depending on many factors such as the vehicle condition and year, and may be priced anywhere from $28,000 to $80,000, as of March 2015. Online retailers like Conversion Van Land and Classic Vans offer a large inventory of conversion vans.


As of 2014, Ford Transit eight- and 10-passenger, low-roof cargo vans measure 219.9 inches long and 82.2 inches high. The 12- and 15-passenger Transit vans with a long wheelbase measure 235.5 to 237.6 inches in length, and those with a long-extended wheelbase measure 263.9 inches long.


Conversion vans are built by the manufacturers themselves and have to meet the minimum safety requirements, because of this many of the vans are not as safe as their commuting counterparts. The materials used to make these vans tend to be less durable then those from the original design.