A rubber bulb syringe can fairly easily clean out earwax at home. In some cases, the earwax may need softening prior to using the syringe. More »

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To remove earwax, doctors irrigate the affected ear by injecting water or a solution consisting of water and saline into the ear using a syringe-like tool, explains Healthline. Before performing the procedure, doctors de... More »

Ear wax can be safely removed by irrigating the ear with water or by applying ear drops inside the ear canal, which helps to soften the wax. Q-tips or other objects should never be inserted into the ear canal, since they... More »

Earwax removal kits typically contain an earwax softener solution, a rubber bulb syringe and earplugs. To remove earwax, pour the solution into your ears, and seal in the solution using earplugs. Next, fill the syringe w... More »

Methods for safely removing earwax at home include over-the-counter ear wax softening drops and flushing the ear with warm water, states WebMD. Instruments to scoop out ear wax should only be used by a medical profession... More »

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Ear wax can be removed at home by using over-the-counter ear drops such as Murine or Debrox or by gently rinsing the ear canal with body temperature water. If certain symptoms of ear wax impaction occur, it is best to se... More »

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The best home earwax treatment incorporates wax softening drops, such as Murine or Debrox, or flushing the ear with warm water out of a bulb-type syringe. A physician may use a curette, or small scoop, to pull wax out of... More »