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To clean hard water spots off windows, mix one part distilled white vinegar with one part water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Mist the solution on the glass, fully saturating the worst areas, and allow the vinegar to soak for several minutes.


There are several commercial cleaners on the market that are made to remove hard water stains such as CLR and all the related products. Depending on what caused the windows to be stained, they may work well too. Step 5 - Protect the Windows. Once you remove the water stains, there are some ways to keep your windows from getting stained again.


DIY Cleaning Hard Water Off Exterior Windows 3:24 PM. This Labor Day, we labored away, cleaning our exterior windows. We just moved into a new home and we have to put in some elbow grease to sparkle it up. Lucky we found a way to remove hard water stains naturally and easily. Here's a closer look at the grossness. Here's what we did.


Some windows come with factory-applied treatments to help prevent water spots. If yours lack this feature, you can apply a glass sealant, carnauba paste wax, or rain repellent product to the windows. These treatments allow rain water to roll off the glass instead of beading up on the surface, reducing the formation of hard water spots. Removing ...


Water is not the same everywhere. In some areas the water has a high content of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. This water is called hard water [source: Britannica].After the water has evaporated from a surface, such as a window, it will leave spots known as calcium deposits or lime scale.


Question: Cleaning Hard Water Spots on Windows July 4, 2011 I have four 10'X6' windows (all glass) and about 15 smaller windows of different sizes that get sprayed by water containing calcium, and various other minerals that will not wash off with soap or other washer solutions.


GLASS SPOT REMOVAL: What Works Best? | How To Remove Hard Water Spots From Glass - Duration: 14:37. The Rag Company 79,161 views


(For example, if using the white vinegar and water mix, that can remove any wax on the car.) Wipe the window with the damp cloth. Rub in small, circular motions until the water spots are removed. It may help to let the cleaner soak on the surface for a few minutes. Wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth. Repeat if necessary. Clean the windows ...


Getting Rid of Water Spots on Large Windows and Glass. Water spots can also form on larger areas such as shower doors. In this case, it would be too time-consuming to remove the spots through the soak method. The following is a step-by-step guide to quickly get rid of spots on large areas.


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