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The same goes for older digital pictures stored on your computer--happy to have them, but not necessarily happy with them. Here's how to clear up a bit of the grainy noise in your photos, old and new:


Step. Browse your computer's folders until you locate the photo you want to fix. If you're working directly from a digital camera, connect a USB from the camera to the computer and click "Open folder to view files" after the PC automatically detects the device.


Images pick up spots and blots from numerous sources. If you digitize prints or transparencies on a dusty scanner or the images themselves accrue dust, it forms an assortment of random dots and tendrils. Capture an image on a digital camera with dust on or behind the lens, and the same types of problems emerge.


When you resize an image, say, from a small size to a larger size, you can run into the issue of the image becoming pixelated.That's because there are only a certain number of pixels in an image, and when you make that image larger, you make those pixels far more noticeable.


Make sure that you save a backup of your original image, otherwise you may not be able to reverse any edits that you’ve done; If you do decide to hire someone to clean up your pixelated picture, make sure your instructions are clear so they know just what to do with it


Making A Zoomed Pixelated Picture More Clear? I am trying to make a section of a picture more clear. It is a picture of a license plate, but not upclose, I am looking for a program or method to make it somewhat more clear/readable.


Setting Up a New Business ... Although the free image editing program GIMP has no tool for automatically fixing pixelated images, it has a variety of tools that apply a gentle blur to a photo to ...


Hello my name is Joseph. I’ve actually came across something online you’ve posted about how to make a pixelated logo clear. Sorry to bug you but i was wondering if you could do me a HUGE favor and let me send you my business logo and if you could make it big and clear for me that would be amazing. I don’t have photoshop.