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Using dispersants to break down crude oil, introducing biological agents to speed biodegradation, and using skimmers to contain and collect oil are all methods used to clean up oil spills. Spills may also break down naturally over time when the sun, wind and ocean currents disperse the spill and eva


Some techniques experts use to clean up oil spills include physical blocking, physically skimming oil off the surface, burning and using dispersants. The exact techniques depend on a number of factors, including type and quantity of oil, water temperature, and local geography.


In order to clean spilled olive oil on carpet, blot as much of the excess oil as possible, apply baking soda to the area, vacuum and then clean with a dry cleaning or homemade cleaning solution. The cleaning process varies with the type of material that is affected.


One of the primary causes of oil spilling into marine environments in an oil spill is people who are careless or make mistakes, according to the Office of Response and Restoration. Such incidents involve barrages, tankers, refineries, pipelines and storage facilities. Other causes include equipment


Cleaning up spilled acid requires disposing of the material in a plastic or glass container with a sealable lid; a chemical neutralizer should be used if the spilled acid is in liquid form. Safe clean-up requires the use of eye and skin protection, such as goggles, acid-resistant gloves, shoe covers


The first step in cleaning up a gas spill is to absorb it with a clay-type cat litter, sand, baking soda or a commercial absorbent. After the gas has been soaked up, contact a local fire department to find out the rules about disposing of this type of material because rules vary depending on the sta


Environmental organizations use the court system to ensure that federal agencies are regulating oil companies, according to Greenfudge. Checking equipment on an annual basis is an important measure. Workers must make certain that hoses, seals and fuel lines on boat vessels are in working order to pr


Spills of less than 10 gallons can be soaked up with an absorbent material, such as kitty litter, while larger spills must be handled by professional hazardous waste authorities, such as the fire department. Once the gas is absorbed, dispose of the material according to local rules for handling haza


KidzWorld explains that oil spills occur when people cause an oil tanker, a ship that carries oil from one place to another, to leak oil into the sea. Carelessness in maneuvering oil tankers typically causes an oil spill. Illegal dumpers also dump crude oil into the ocean to avoid spending money on


Oil spills pose serious environmental effects that adversely impact the wildlife and habitats in marine and freshwater ecosystems. The repercussions of these man-made disasters are wide ranging and can be detrimental to the health of surrounding human populations.