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Spot clean your jewelry rather than soak it, since water can tarnish or rust costume jewelry if it sits for too long. If these home remedies aren’t getting the job done, try a commercial jewelry polish. For more tips on cleaning fake jewelry, including how to use baby shampoo to clean pearls, read on!


I saw this on a Youtube clip and tried and it totally works for my jewelry. So I'd love to share with you guys. Heat the water up, to about 70 degrees Celcius. There's no need to bring it to boil. ... How to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry in 5 Seconds. by Fifi Yee. 20.3k Views.


You should start to see your fake gold jewelry becoming shinier and your fake silver jewelry regaining its hue. 8) Using a clean, dry, soft rag, remove the remaining tarnish from your jewelry by wiping it gently. Sometimes verdigris builds up on costume jewelry. This is the green gunk that often collects on cheap rings and other jewelry.


Transforming Your Tarnished Jewelry Fortunately, there are a number of options for how to clean tarnished jewelry effectively. Whether you’re working with handcrafted jewelry, costume jewelry, or the real deal, these cleaning hacks will turn your tarnished jewelry back to their bright and shiny selves in no time.


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Homemade Jewelry Cleaner is easy to make and uses ingredients and materials you already have on hand. This method works great with tarnished real and costume jewelry. As always, take extra care when cleaning precious metals and stones with any homemade jewelry cleaner.


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Assuming that your silver jewelry is not plated with rhodium or another metal, you can use some conventional procedures to clean it. If the tarnish is not very severe use a recommended lotion or polishing lotion. Polishing fabrics are also available to handle the tarnish. If you have severe tarnish, use a jeweler to get the job done.


Cleaning costume jewelry needs a softer touch than, say, a pair of diamond earrings. Those diamonds are meant to last forever – your owl necklace, a few seasons. There’s no hard and fast rule for how often they need to be cleaned, but a good rule of thumb is the more you wear a piece, the more it should be cared for.