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To clean stove grates, spray the grates with oven cleaner, and allow the cleaner to sit for several hours before you wash the grates. You need newspaper, oven cleaner, liquid dish detergent and a sponge.


Common products to clean stove top grates include commercial oven cleaners, ammonia, baking soda and water pastes and degreasers. Stove top grates can also be soaked in a bucket of warm water and dish soap.


Remove caked-on grease and other debris from gas stone grates quickly and efficiently using grease-fighting dish soap, non-abrasive cleanser, a nylon scrubbing pad and plenty of hot water. Cleaning can be undertaken without damaging the enamel covering on the grates.


Stove top grates should be replaced when there is an accumulation of rust that can't be removed, the structural integrity of the grate is compromised by cracks and other wear, or the grate has become warped. Cast iron stove top grates are designed to last for many years between replacements.


To clean stove burner grates, soak them in warm, soapy water, and scrub with a non-metal soap pad, rinse the grates well, and seal each grate in a plastic bag with a 1/2 cup of household ammonia. Wait overnight, and rinse the grates again, then polish the grates with a soft cloth.


To clean an electric stovetop, remove the coil elements by disconnecting and lifting them away from the stovetop. After washing the coils, take care of any remaining stubborn stains with a baking soda paste, then rinse well and dry. Next, remove and clean the drip pans with liquid dishwashing deterg


To clean a glass-top stove, wipe up spills immediately, use specialty cleaners, and scrape off food with a razor scraper. For difficult stains, apply a paste of baking soda and water, and cover with a warm, damp cloth for 30 minutes.


While there are many methods to clean a glass stove top, one using a commercially prepared cleaner is likely to give the best results. Wait until the heat indicator light on the glass surface goes off before applying the liquid so it does not bake onto the surface and compound the problems. Cleaning


GE, Bosch, LG and Kenmore all produce ceramic glass-top cooking ranges that have performed well in consumer tests regarding cleaning and maintenance. Glass-top ranges are easy to clean but a challenge to keep clean, which is one of the main cons of owning one.


According to Good Housekeeping, Carbona Cooktop Cleaner, Easy-Off and EZ Bright are the best stove cleaners as of 2015. All of these cleaners are used for glass and ceramic stove tops.