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Getting rid of smoke odor in a home requires exchanging the stale air for fresh, systematically cleaning all hard surfaces and cleaning any fibers. When renting, read the lease and speak with the landlord before you start cleaning. He is often responsible for hiring professionals for the task.


To get the smell of smoke out of a house, clean the entire house from top to bottom, including the air in the home. This task requires patience and hard work.


To remove smoke smell from a house, clean the air and clean all of the walls and ceilings. Thoroughly clean all carpeting, floors, doors and windows, as well as any window coverings or blinds.


Steam cleaning, removing the smoke from the duct system, deodorizing the intake screen and cleaning the heater removes smoke smell from the heater. Utilizing an ozone shock treatment removes any leftover smoke odor. A vacuum, steam cleaner and deodorizer are needed for these actions.


Most of the smell of smoke leaves clothing after four to five washings in liquid laundry detergent. Mild smoke odor can also be removed by storing the item with a dryer sheet.


Remove the smell of smoke from your house by running an air purifier for several days, washing the walls and vacuuming and deodorizing the carpet. Avoid breathing in the fumes by staying somewhere else for a couple of days.


Get rid of the smoke smell in a car by thoroughly shampooing all of the fabrics inside the vehicle, cleaning all of the hard surfaces and using baking soda to absorb residual smoke odors. Remove any odors that persist after cleaning by using an odor-eliminating spray or pet odor eliminator. If smoke


To remove the smell of smoke from inside a home, open the windows to air it out. Smoke odor sticks to walls, floors and window treatments, clean all surfaces thoroughly.


To remove the smell of smoke inside a home, wipe down all surfaces, clean the window treatments and have the floors cleaned. Dispose of any linens or rugs that still have the smoke odor after washing them.


Clean smoke damage by mixing warm water with trisodium phosphate cleaner and then using a sponge to wipe the wall or ceiling vigorously with the solution. Clean the sponged areas with a rag that has been dipped in clean water.