The gentlest and least harmful way to clean silver jewelry is to apply diluted non-phosphate, citrus-free dish soap, such as Dawn Original Non-Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid, and then rinse in warm water and buff dry wi... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

Products such as Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner can be used to clean most types of jewelry at home, while Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth and similar products can be used to polish certain types of jewelry. A variety o... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

Vinegar can be used to clean silver when it is mixed with baking soda. Vinegar is an inexpensive, weak form of acetic acid. It can be found in most homes, as it is frequently used in the kitchen. A small amount of vinega... More »

A concoction of hot water, baking soda and dish soap with a piece of tin foil at the bottom is one of the easiest cleaners for silver jewelry. This mixture is gentle on silver and cheap to produce. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

Clean stainless steel jewelry using warm water, mild dish soap and a soft lint-free cloth. Wipe the jewelry in a gentle fashion until it is clean, and buffer along the polish lines. Wipe away any soap reside with a clean... More »

To clean costume jewelry, wipe the surfaces with a solution of carbonated water and mild dish soap. Make sure to wipe off the residue with a cloth dipped in plain water before laying the pieces out to dry. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

To clean tarnished white gold, gather a bowl, mild dish soap, warm water, baking soda, a soft toothbrush, and a microfiber towel or jewelry polishing cloth. Soak the white gold item in soap and water, apply baking soda, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches