Cleaning soap scum off a shower door involves washing the door with vinegar solution, using a sponge, and rinsing the door with clean water. Drying and polishing the door to restore shine completes the process. Other tha... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To clean soap scum from shower doors, use all-purpose bathroom cleaners designed to get rid of soap scum, or apply vinegar. Prior to treating soap scum, use hot water or a steam cleaner to loosen soap scum. Alternatively... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal

To clean stubborn soap scum from shower tile, make a baking soda paste, apply the paste to the shower tiles, allow the paste to sit for a few minutes, scrub the tiles with a brush, and rinse the area thoroughly. If neces... More »

Clean soap scum by applying a solution of dishwasher detergent and water to the shower walls and then scrubbing the walls with a nylon brush. Heavy buildups require a second application. The process takes about an hour. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To clean baseboards, begin by removing dust and debris with the brush attachment of a vacuum or a duster, then wash the boards using a sponge or cloth with warm water and dish soap or vinegar. For cracks, crevices and ot... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

If the soap scum hasn't hardened, wiping it away with a cloth or sponge should do the trick. If it has hardened, remove it by scrubbing with a mild abrasive, lemon oil, ammonia or a mix of vinegar and dishwashing deterge... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To clean a marble shower, wipe it with a wet chamois cloth, apply soap scum remover, treat stubborn stains with steel wool, apply mold killer, and dry the marble. This 45-minute process requires distilled water, two cham... More » Home & Garden Cleaning