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Cleaning a chimney requires a chimney brush, chimney brush rods, a flashlight, a mirror and a ladder, depending on the cleaning method chosen. Tarps and drop cloths are useful for protecting the interior of the house, while buckets, brooms and shop vacuums are necessary for removing soot.


To clean rusty tools, mix citric acid with water, immerse the tools, scrape off the rust, dip the tools in diluted baking soda, and dry them with a towel. This procedure takes several hours and requires citric acid, water, plastic tubs, a plastic brush, gloves, goggles, baking soda and towels.


The tools needed to clean an air conditioner include a vacuum, a can of aerosol coil cleaner, cloths, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver and a can of compressed air. Window units and exterior air conditioners also benefit from pressure washing.


Dental hygienists often use tools such as handheld and ultrasonic scrapers to clear plaque and tartar buildup off of teeth, according to The Nest. They also use polishers to clean the teeth and X-rays to obtain images of tooth alignment, jaw health and to detect the presence of cavities.


Tools needed to clean an air conditioner include 4-in-1 screwdriver, shop vacuum, fin comb, leather gloves and rags. In addition one also needs certain materials including A/C coil cleaner, household cleaner and electric motor oil.


Customers looking for low-cost cleaning tools for dryer vents can purchase what they need from AppliancePartsPros.com, ApplianceZone.net and Casa.com as of 2015. These three retailers provide shoppers with suggested list pricing and current rates, so shoppers can gauge their savings effectively.


No tools are needed to clean Ninja blenders. The Mega Kitchen System, the Professional blender, the Nutri Ninja and the Ultimate blender all require the same cleaning methods. The motor base is wiped clean with a damp cloth, and the pitchers, lids, blades and attachments are dishwasher-safe.


Vintage hand tools are available for sale at VintageTools.net, OldTools.com and JimBodeTools.com. VintageTools.net features a wide variety of hand tools that includes metal planes, files, scrapers, slicks and screw drivers. Additionally, the site features listings for wrenches, hammers and mallets,


Educational institutions, political bodies and other entities utilize online registration tools to collect student or member personal information and to register them for services. Online registration often requires a personal account with log-in information that users can create in conjunction with


If you're like many homeowners, you make good on a regular cleaning schedule. So maybe you skip dusting once in a while, but your house is pretty clean, right? But the dirtiest places in your home might be hiding in plain sight. We're talking about your cleaning tools! In order to get the most out o