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Coconuts can be a bit difficult to open, but once they are, cleaning them is easy. You will be rewarded with a delicious, sweet juice once you open a fresh coconut and clean it well. Read these easy directions to learn how to do so.


Start by finding the little dark indentations at the base of the coconut. You will be poking holes through these indentations so you can successfully drain the coconut water without making a mess or wasting any of it. Make sure to thoroughly clean the screwdriver before you begin.


Remove coconut and set aside until cool enough to handle. 2. Wrap coconut in a kitchen towel; holding coconut with one hand, tap it with the back of a cleaver or chef’s knife, or hit it with a hammer, in the same place several times, then pry open. 3. Separate coconut meat from the shell with a spoon.


If the coconut doesn't separate easily, cut it into sections with a knife all the way to the shell and chip it away in pieces. Some coconuts are particularly difficult to clean, but the oven can help. Place the halves on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour or two. The coconut shrinks away from the shell while cooking.


Puree the meat from a young green coconut with a couple tablespoons of fresh coconut water and lemon juice for a "yogurt" of sorts. It makes a light, delectable breakfast when topped with blueberries and raw honey.


One coconut will give you 3 or 4 cups cups of fresh, grated coconut. But how do you keep that delightful, crunchy piece of goodness in a state that will stay edible for as long as possible? This tutorial shows tips for storing fresh coconut as well as how to buy, open, & use the coconut meat to get the most out of it.


Nature made coconuts tough to open for the same reason it did other seeds -- to protect the embryo. When you open a coconut to extract its prized flesh, or endosperm, you have to go through several layers of protection: the outer skin, the husk, the shell and the seed skin.


In my book, Vice Cream, I tell how to make coconut milk. This section is for those who want some instruction on how to select a coconut, how to open a coconut, how to remove the "meat", how to shred it, and how to make delicious fresh raw coconut milk! - Jeff Rogers. Selecting a coconut:


Coconuts are the largest nut in existence, so naturally, it takes a few special steps to crack ‘em open—but it’s worth it. Fresh coconut meat and water tastes a million times yummier than the packaged kind. Whether you plan to cook with it or eat it as a snack, raw coconut is packed with nutritional benefits, including tons of minerals, fiber, protein, and energy-boosting fats.