To clean mold off concrete basement walls, the homeowner must mix a solution of one part bleach to three or four parts of water and apply it to a scrub brush or a sponge to scrub away the mold. The cleaner must wear safe... More »

To clean your basement, prepare cleaning materials in a container, remove all covers and shake off accumulated dust outdoors, and start wiping all covered items. Use a sponge dampened with warm, soapy water or a mixture ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To fix a crack in a basement wall, clean the crack, apply sealer to the crack, fill it with urethane, and then test the crack. Be sure to protect your eyes and hands with goggles, and gloves respectively before attemptin... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

One way to eliminate musty odors is to clean walls, floors and surfaces with a mildew killer, such as a solution of one part bleach to four parts warm water. You can also install dehumidifiers, which can help inhibit mol... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Smell Removal

Clean grout with a scrub brush and mildew remover or solution of bleach and water, then seal with a commercial grout sealer. Some sealers also stain grout a new color while they seal to give the tile a fresh look. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Remove efflorescence from basement walls by wetting the walls with water, scrubbing with a vinegar solution and rinsing with water. Apply a sealer after removing the efflorescence to prevent it from forming again. If you... More »

Clean mold and mildew by using a bleach and water solution, a commercial mold and mildew cleaner or dish washing liquid. Rinse the area thoroughly with clean water and allow it to dry. Ventilation is necessary during the... More »