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Heritage Auctions states that the best way to clean antique glass is by hand with lukewarm water and mild dish washing soap, and then towel drying afterward. Never use hot or cold water, as the temperature change can shatter the glass. Using a dishwasher is a risky method that is not recommended, as


Online research, antiques guides, local antiques dealers and free identification fairs hosted by auction houses can help to identify antiques and avoid the expense of a formal appraiser. Some appraisers offer free verbal valuations that are good for developing a base of information to pursue, but in


Clean antique copper by using soft, lint-free cloths to rub the piece to be cleaned with water and mild soap. Some experts also recommend copper polishes, such as Red Bear or Copper Brite.


Antique dental tools range from tooth extracting dental pelicans and dental keys to finger-rotated dental drills and oral specula. The 17th century ushered in more dental sophistication with the advent of a "Douglas Lever," a unique tool that blends elevators with forceps.


Cleaning antique dolls requires care, identifying materials, and a few special products. Most antique dolls are made from bisque or porcelain, although they can include a variety of materials. A few quick tips include using a soft toothbrush, cotton swabs, and a damp cloth with warm water and a mild


Antique metal by sanding the metal's surface, coating it in hydrogen peroxide and table salt, and then cleaning the piece. Depending on the degree of antiquing desired, multiple applications of hydrogen peroxide and salt may be necessary. For smaller items, soaking overnight in regular chlorine blea


In the television show "Antiques Roadshow," appraisers visit cities and provide evaluations of antiques that locals bring to them to inspect. The first "Antiques Roadshow" debuted in 1979 and takes place in the United Kingdom. A version of the show that takes place in the United States debuted in 19


To antique furniture, sand the item that you want to distress, paint it, and then either sand again or apply candle wax. If desired, you may varnish with polyurethane.


There are multiple factors that help to determine the age of furniture. Being able to recognize these features takes time and research. An item is generally considered an antique if it's more than 100 years old.


Antique milk cans are metal cans with lids. They were used to transport and store fresh milk before the advent of large storage tanks and tanker trucks.