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The reason for checking when both hot and cold is transmission fluid expands as it is heated. Note that if you drive the car at highway speed for a long period of time and then attempt to check the fluid level "hot" after that you WILL get a false reading (the fluid level will appear "high", when in fact, it is perfectly OK).


Check your owner's manual for when your automatic transmission fluid needs to be changed. If you routinely drive through mountains or tow heavy trailers, you will have to have the fluid changed more frequently. Whenever you have your transmission fluid changed, the automatic transmission fluid filter must also be changed.


CAUTION: FLUID MAY BE HOT! Observe markings at end of dipstick. Your dipstick might have two markings for "full"—one warm, one cold. If the automatic transmission fluid level does not come up to the "warm" line, you'll need to add automatic transmission fluid. Insert long funnel into automatic transmission fluid dipstick hole.


Learn how to check Honda transmission levels in your car without getting an incorrect reading. Many vehicles require you to check transmission fluid while the transmission is cold, but not Honda transmissions. Find out how to keep your Honda transmission in good working order for years to come.


The automatic transmission needs to be lubricated with transmission fluid. It has several moving components which rub together just like the engine does. That is why the engine is lubricated with oil. Automatic transmission components can only work smoothly if they’re consistently lubricated while the vehicle is running. Any type of fluid leak would cause major problems for the transmission ...


How to add the transmission fluid: Check the transmission fluid type in the owners manual. For example, some Chrysler transmissions need only a specific type of fluid and regular fluid like Dexron II can harm the transmission. Add a little amount of the fluid as shown in the image below. Wait for a while to let the fluid flow down. Start the ...


If a red fluid has darkened or turned black, it indicates overheating and the fluid should be changed. Topping up, draining and refilling automatic transmission fluid. Top up the fluid levels through the dipstick tube, using a small funnel. Add a little at a time and check the level frequently to avoid overfilling.


If your vehicle hesitates when your automatic transmission shifts gears, check the transmission fluid level before you let any mechanic start talking about servicing or adjusting your transmission or selling you a new one. To check your automatic transmission fluid, look for a dipstick handle sticking out of your transmission. This is located toward the […]


In this video, 1A Auto shows you how easy it is to check the automatic transmission fluid level and add fluid if necessary. The look and placement of the transmission fluid dipstick may vary ...