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To check transmission fluid level, park the car on a level surface and then start the engine. While stepping on the brake, shift the transmission through each gear setting, then put it in park. Set the parking brake, then raise the hood.


Lifehacker recommends checking a car's transmission fluid monthly. To do so, pull out the dipstick, wipe off the fluid, and put the dipstick back in. Remove the dipstick again, and inspect the quality of the fluid.


To change transmission fluid, remove the bolts from the transmission pan, and allow all the fluid to drain out. Replace the filter, re-attach the pan, and add fresh transmission fluid.


New, clean transmission fluid has a translucent, bright red color. This color is achieved by adding the dye to the fluid for identification purposes.


Changing the transmission fluid in a vehicle will save time and money if a few simple steps are followed. Drivers can easily change their own transmission fluid as long as they have the correct tools and replacement parts.


As the right transmission fluid for a car depends on its make and model, refer to the owner's manual that came with your car from the manufacturer to determine the right type to buy. Alternatively, query this information using sites such as OReillyAuto.com and AutoZone....


Manufacturers typically suggest that automatic transmission fluid should be changed every 20,000 to 25,000 miles. This is often done at service stations, but some people do the job themselves.