To check the fuel pump, you need a multimeter to check the voltage that your pump needs and to test the positive and negative leads. Determining the wires for the fuel pump and for the fuel gauge is the most challenging ... More »

To check a fuel pump relay, locate the pump relay and remove it, identify the two control and power circuit terminals, and then test the resistance between the terminals. You need an ohmmeter and jumper wires for this pr... More »

Replacing a fuel pump requires draining and dropping the gas tank from the vehicle to access the unit. Some vehicles will have a panel located under the rear seats of the car to allow easier access to the pump and avoid ... More »

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To clean fuel injectors, disconnect the fuel pump, connect it to the gas tank, disengage the pressure regulator, connect and open the cleaning kit, run the engine, disconnect the kit, and reconnect the fuel pump. This on... More »

To reset the fuel pump on a car or truck, locate the initial trigger of the vehicle, and press the inertia switch button. If the switch doesn't have an external button, remove its cover to access the button or the breake... More »

There are many reasons why a car starts but does not stay running, but one of the most common causes of this problem is a bad fuel pump. When a fuel pump is going out, it is common for a car to stop running abruptly when... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance