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Get opaque-tint lenses if you want a drastic change, or if you have dark eyes. Like the name implies, these contact lenses are opaque, and can completely change your eye color. You can get them in natural colors, such as brown, blue, gray, green, and hazel. You can also get them in unnatural colors, such as white, red, cat-eye, and purple.


The most efficient way to change your eye color yet! instructions: Listen and let the sounds wash over you. Close your eyes to focus, if you want, but it is not necessary. To choose the color you ...


1. Alter your diet Certain foods like eggs, beef, turkey and chocolate facilitate the production of serotonin, which subsequently forces your pupils to expand which in turn makes your irises narrower. The end result is a deep, darkened eye color which manifests over a period of time.Therefore, avoiding such foods can help you prevent this onset ...


Yea, it won’t actually change your eye color, but for a night out or for an event, you can appear to have a different eye color. Check out the makeup tutorial here. 2. Change your eye color with honey. One of the more popular ways to change your eye color naturally is using honey.


Learn how to change your eye color naturally, temporally or permanently to blue, green, red, hazel, grey, gold or brown color. You can do this at home with honey, a makeup studio with eyeshadow, or in office by surgery or laser treatment. It is also possible to change your eye color with or without contacts just in 10 minutes.


WARNING: Do NOT send money to scammers pretending to be me. Always remember, my spells are free and always will be. Choose this Eye Color Spell / Eye Colour Spell to change your eye colour or to change someone else's eye color. "I cast an eye color spell and it changed my eyes to bluish purple and that's exactly what I wanted."


Again visualize your eyes changing from their original color to the new color, then check the mirror. Note: This spell may only last a day or so if only using one candle. And the color of the candle will be the new eye color! Click here for another Eye-Color Changing Spell that was sent in by a forum member.


Apperently this works but I am not completely sure. Test it out if you want. Put this audio on loop through out the whole night and go to sleep. Put your earphones in whist doing this. Make sure ...


How to Change Your Eye Color. Although it’s not easy to change eye color permanently of course. You have to undergo a surgery if you are planning to change your eye color permanently. But remember, an eye is a delicate organ, therefore, you have to be careful to alter it. Change Your Eye Color to Blue, Green, Red, Hazel


What is an eye color spell? As I have already indicated an eye color change spell is not one of those serious spells that are really essential to change a particular aspect of your life forever. This is the kind of magic that is used for fun. It’s for fun because there is really no way you can use magic to change the color of your eyes.