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To replace the ink cartridge in an HP printer, such as the HP Deskjet D4360 and D4363 models, remove the old cartridge by sliding it out of its carriage, unpack the new cartridge, slide it into the empty carriage, and close the top cover. Finally, align the new ink cartridge by using the HP Solution


HP allows the return of cartridges for recycling at no cost, but the customer does not receive any monetary credit for recycling. If the cartridge is detective, it should be returned where it was purchased to determine if it is eligible for a refund.


HP 564 ink cartridges work with 25 different HP Photosmart printers, including 5400, 5500 all-in-one, 6300 all-in-one, 6500 and 7500 series printers. The HP 564 cartridges are also compatible with Photosmart Plus, Premium all-in-one, Pro and e-all-in-one series printers. CartidgeSupport.com provides


To refill an ink cartridge for an HP printer, locate a hole in the cartridge and use a syringe to add more ink. Exact instructions vary depending on cartridge type.


HP OfficeJet 5510 printers are designed to allow users to easily replace used print cartridges. The process is as simple as opening the print cartridge door, removing the used cartridge and inserting the new one.


Ink cartridge recycling is the act of using old ink cartridges to reproduce plastic cartridges, as opposed to making new plastic. Ink cartridge recycling is typically done by sending old cartridges into the manufacturer or taking them to an office supply store.


Some things to consider prior to the purchase of an ink cartridge are its size, kind and color. Not all ink cartridges work with every printer, nor does every color; for example, there are different variations of black that will not print unless installed on a compatible printer. All these differenc


Matt Kastner of Coastal Business Supplies Inc. estimates that every milliliter of ink yields about 1 square foot of printing. On a table of print yields of various HP cartridges, the number of pages ranged from 31 to about 40 per milliliter.


Refill an ink cartridge by attaching a small piece of cardboard on the hole on the bottom, pulling out the stopper and then filling the cartridge with ink. Many ink refill kits have all the tools you need, but if they don’t, use some supplies from around the home.


Information on changing ink cartridges in HP printers can be found on HP's official website. HP offers support for printers in the form of PDF manuals for download as well as step-by-step instructional videos and easy-to-read diagrams.