To change a watch battery, remove the watch band, and open the watch back. Remove the old battery, and insert the new one. You need a toothpick, a vise, a case knife, a screw driver, a case wrench, tweezers, a cleaning c... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

To change the battery on a Timex watch, open the battery holding panel on the back of the Timex watch. Remove the old battery, insert the new battery, and place the holding panel back onto the watch. More »

To change a watch battery, first determine whether the watch is waterproof. Most waterproof watch batteries are located beneath the face of the clock, which owners must unscrew from the body. Standard watch batteries are... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Watches

Replacing a Relic watch battery requires loosening the back of the watch with a watch wrench, lining up the notches on the case, removing the back using a case opening knife and then removing the battery with tweezers. I... More »

To replace a watch battery, open the band, place the watch in a vice, open up the back, and remove the old battery. Clean out the battery compartment, place the new battery inside, and close the watch. More »

To adjust a watch band, consider the material the band is made of and the desired size. Common materials for watch bands include metal and leather. Adjusting a watch band requires various supplies, which include measurin... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

A deployment clasp is a closing mechanism on a watch that allows the band to be fitted to the wrist. It allows for the band to be made tighter. More »