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As of September 2015, the Apple Watch retails from $399 for a silver aluminum case watch with a white sport band to $17,000 for an 18-karat rose gold case watch with a rose gray modern buckle. The Apple Watch was released on April 24, 2015.


The official release date for the Apple Watch was April 25, 2015. The presale for the watch began on April 10 of the same year. The initial release sold out after selling approximately 200,000 units per day during the presale week.


The Apple Watch, which is priced at $349 as of 2015, has many features similar to those of the Apple iPhone, such as the calendar, music, alarm, Siri and weather applications. The watch's most notable unique features are Apple Pay, health tracking, Passbook, Digital Touch, and at-a-glance notificati


The Apple Watch features the ability to run a variety of iOS apps directly from the device, replicating many of the functions of iPhones and iPads. Users can make Apple Pay payments, send messages and make calls using the watch, and it also includes health and fitness tracking features.


To adjust a watch band, consider the material the band is made of and the desired size. Common materials for watch bands include metal and leather. Adjusting a watch band requires various supplies, which include measuring tape, a pin removal tool, a leather punch and a utility knife.


Change your start page in the Safari Preferences menu. Click the Gears icon in Safari to access Preferences and other Safari options. You only need Safari 5 or later and a Mac computer to complete this guide.


As of 2015, the original Apple Watch can be purchased from Apple.com or the Apple store for $549 to $1099, depending on the material of the band. Apple also carries a line of Sport watches, in which prices start at $349, and Edition watches starting at $10,000.


As of 2016, brands of replacement watch bands include Timex, Philip Stein and Michele. Timex sells moderately priced timepieces and replacement watch straps. It makes its watch straps out of a range of materials, from Velcro to rubber to leather. Philip Stein and Michele sell luxury timepieces and r


The Apple Watch is a wearable device that features interchangeable wristbands, a digital crown, iPhone application integration, a touch-screen Retina display and a heart rate sensor. Its interchangeable wristband allows the user to customize the appearance and fit of the watch with wriststraps made


The most common Citizen watch bands use the split pin link and can be adjusted by removing the pin that connects the links and removing as many links as required. Removing the pin may require using a thin screw driver, pliers or tweezers to assist with removal.