A. Growing hydrangeas indoors in a home setting is not very satisfactory for a number of reasons. Hydrangeas do best when they can have a period of domancy, ...

May 13, 2008 ... Potted hydrangeas – often called florist hydrangeas – are easy to care for indoors , providing you keep the soil moist. Don't let them dry out!

Dec 10, 2018 ... Though hydrangeas are commonly grown as shrubs, they grow ... Caring for them in pots requires moderate care, whether grown indoors or out.

The best for growing indoors is Hydrangea macrophylla -- the mophead hydrangea, which offers hundreds of varieties. Put a potted hydrangea on a dining table, ...

Dec 15, 2018 ... By correctly pruning the potted hydrangea, keeping it in the right ... zones 6 through 8, but hydrangeas also make excellent indoor plants.

Get planting and growing tips, plus find the best hydrangea varieties for pots ... Most potted, gift hydrangeas fail to thrive because they're kept indoors too long.

Learn how the properly plant, prune, and care for Hydrangeas.

Jan 29, 2018 ... How to Care for a Potted Hydrangea Plant. Potted hydrangeas are decorative plants available for purchase during the spring months.

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... Litchfield), move the pot to a cold (30–40°F) dark place indoors, such as an unheated basement or garage. ... Hydrangeas generally require very little pruning.